How to adjust spring tension January 25 2016

Hi Groomers. I talked last time about the importance of tension between the cutter and comb blades.

Even freshly sharpened blades will not cut properly unless there is sufficient blade tension. As I mentioned, the spring should be applying enough tension on the cutter blade that it will take 3-4 lbs of pressure to move the cutter blade. 

If you suspect that a blade isn't working due to inadequate spring tension, the following technique may help make the blade usable again.

1)First Picture: very carefully push the cutter blade out of the blade assembly.
2)Second and Third Pictures: using locking pliers to ensure that both sides are even, gently bend the spring to increase downwards pressure. Press down in the area indicated in the pictures...crimping in the wrong area can actually loosen the blade or destroy the spring.
3)Fourth Picture: using a flat blade screwdriver, gently lift up in the centre of the spring to provide enough of a gap to re-insert the cutter blade.

This may help you get some more use out of a blade that has stopped working. Although, when in doubt, your "friendly neighbourhood sharpener" always adjusts spring tension as part of the sharpening process.

Happy grooming, and may all your blades be sharp....Andy. :)

Adjust Spring Tension 1


Adjust Spring Tension 2

Adjust Spring Tension 3

Adjust Spring Tension 4