How to fix blades that rattle January 27 2016

Hello to all you "Canine Coiffurist's" out there. Everyone seems to be getting quite busy, and hopefully all of your grooming is going smoothly. 

I know that blades can sometimes "rattle your nerves" when they get excessively loud and must be hard to concentrate on creating the perfect cut when your clipper is driving you crazy!

Luckily there is usually an easy fix for this problem. On the back of every blade is a component called the socket. This part has two little tabs that engage with the hinge assembly on your clipper, and if these tabs spread apart enough it will create free play, and a lot of noise.

I have a tool that creates the perfect gap, but you can try slightly crimping these tabs with pliers to close the gap as indicated in the picture. Crimp just a bit, and then test on the clipper until the blade fits snuggly on your clipper and does not rattle. Be careful not to bend these tabs too much though, or you won't be able to get the blade onto the clipper.

How to fix blades that rattle


Have fun out there.....Andy.