How to prep new shears for their first use January 28 2016

Hi Groomers. finally splurged and bought a shiny new pair of shears, and you can't wait to use them. Sloooow down turbo!

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but new shears do not always work perfectly right out of the package. Many manufacturers package their shears with excessive closure tension, and the packaging and shipping process can sometimes negatively affect the set of the shears.

Before you use your new shears it is important to clean any shipping grease from the shears, and to check and adjust the closure tension and set. This will help to prevent premature wear or possible damage to the shear.

You can do these tests and adjustments yourself, or ask your sharpener to look at the shears for you. The good news is that Cutting Edge Grooming Supplies has now started testing and adjusting each pair of shears prior to sale, so you can be confident that your new shear will perform perfectly.

Have fun....your friendly neighbourhood sharpener.