How to tell blades that are not usable anymore January 29 2016

Hi Groomers. All good things must come to an end, and that unfortunately includes your blades.
In general, a blade has come to the end of its useful life when there is not enough metal remaining to effectively sharpen.

The top blade in the first picture is still in great shape, and there is plenty of sharpenable material. However, the bottom blade is fully worn out, and the raised rails that the cutter blade would normally travel on have been worn smooth.

Blades that still work

Unusable blade

Missing teeth and extreme corrosion can also signal the end of the road for a blade. The blade in the second picture looks like it was recovered from the Titanic!

If I encounter any blades that are at the end of their life, I'll let you know (some of you are probably familiar with the "fortune cookie" notes that I include with your sharpening if I have something to report). Now if I could only find a use for old blades...hmm...jewellery , fishing weights, bookmarks, doorstops.....

Take care.....your friendly neighbourhood sharpener, Andy.