What to do if blades don't fit on the clipper February 01 2016

Hi Groomer's. Oh oh....confession time. 

I've been contacted by a few valued clients who reported that several newly sharpened blades are not fitting onto their clippers. 

This seemed odd to me because all blades fit well on the clipper that I use for testing the blades after I sharpen them....but I believe I've solved the problem.

The last step in the sharpening process is to make sure that the blades do not rattle on the clipper. I do this by slightly crimping the ears on the blade socket if required. The problem seems to be that the tabs on the hinge assembly of my clipper have worn over time (I often put blades off and on this clipper for 8 hours a day). Essentially I was making blades fit great on my clipper....but maybe not yours.

The obvious lesson (for me) is that blade rattle can be the result of excessive socket gap, OR a worn hinge assembly, and I've now replaced the hinge assembly on my clipper.

Visual explanation of what the components of the blade and clipper look like

If you have been plagued by blades that don't snap easily onto your clipper, you can generally solve the problem by slightly spreading the ears on the blade socket with pliers, or gently forcing the blade onto your clipper so that your hinge assembly spreads the ears. If you are still having problems I would be pleased to adjust the socket gap...just send the blade back to us.

Whew...long post, congratulations to all who made it to the end ....Andy.