What are carbon brushes February 03 2016

Hi Groomers. I guess we must have been running low on words when these things were named, because they look nothing like what we all think of when we hear the word "brush". Come on people in charge of naming things...you should have called them a "glorper" or a "zelzeroid" or something to avoid confusion!!

Anyway, these little beauties are called carbon brushes, and they are a vital component of most dryers and even some clippers (the tiny ones are used in Oster clippers).

Set of carbon brushes

Carbon brushes being used in a dryer

Carbon brushes are essentially a contact point for transmitting electrical energy to the rotating components of the dryer (or clipper). Eventually the carbon material wears away and can no longer provide a good contact. The dryer will provide less air, and sometimes no air as a result.

The carbon brushes can be replaced with varying degrees of difficulty. Let us know if you are having problems with your dryer, and we'll do our best to get it blowing again!

Happy grooming.....Andy