Still Sharpening! July 06 2017

Hi Groomers . It's your Friendly Neighbourhood Sharpener. Although there have been a few changes at Cutting Edge Grooming Supplies I'm still sharpening like crazy. We're still able to pick up and deliver sharpening in the Calgary area, otherwise just pop it in the mail and we'll send it back super quickly with no shipping cost to you. It's getting to be like Christmas every time we go to the Post Office!, what a heat wave!! I hope everyone is keeping cool at work! It's probably not easy considering you spend your day standing over a warm furry creature, holding a warm clipper with hot air dryers blasting all around you!

You'll be pleased to know that my sharpening shop is sort of a subterranean lair (like Batman's) ..and is cooooool . So keep the sharpening coming otherwise I"ll have to mow the lawn or something.

Have a great summer.....Andy