How to drop check shears January 21 2016

Hi Groomers, it's your friendly neighbourhood sharpener again. I'm just finishing up some shears as the snow falls...weird Southern Alberta weather for sure.

My very last step in the sharpening process is to adjust the closure tension of the shears. Correct tension is quite important to the proper functioning of shears, and I have noticed that many of the shears that come to me are either very loose or too tight.

It is a good idea to periodically check shear closure tension. I do what is called a drop test (I know, you all try very hard to not "drop test" your shears...this is different. :-)).

What I do is hold the shears in one hand with the blade that I am holding facing straight up, and the free blade is then lifted up, and dropped.


The shears should close as shown in the second picture, with the shear tips closed only to approximately 80% of the length of the shear. If the shears close all the way to the tips they are too loose, and if they stop lower then the shears are too tight. Adjust the set screw as required.

Take care, and I hope it's not snowing wherever you are....Andy.