It's all in the name! July 18 2016


Hi Groomers .

There is no doubt that Groomers are very creative people...and one way that your creativity shines is in your choice of business names. I can't think of another industry where the business names have such flair!

Here are just a few that I can think of right now, but there are tons more....

Hollywoof. Muttley Crue. Atomic Dog. Itzaclip. Shampooches. Puppy in my Pocket. The Groom Room. Marvellous Muttz. Wagsmore Grooming. Posh Paws.
Wigglebums. Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Spa. Doggie Style. Four on the Floor. Twisted Whiskers. Dogtopia. Hair of the Dog. Pawsitively Pooched. Spoiled Rott'n. Paws 4 FX. Snippidy Do Dog. Ultimate Paw Spa. Canis fabularis. Round of Apaws. Raising Canine...

I could go on forever! Have a great day.....Andy

Beat the Heat! July 07 2016

Hi Groomers .

I just repaired a clipper and had it running with a blade attached for around 20 minutes. The clipper works great, but the blade was as hot as the safety briefing on a Caribbean cruise ship (long story).

There are two main factors that contribute to blade heating.....speed and friction. Clippers are getting faster and more powerful, so try clipping at the lowest speed setting that you can.

clipper care

You can reduce friction and cool your blades during use by lubricating them with a variety of products such as Andis Blade Care or Wahl Blade Ice. Be sure to oil your blades as well, putting a small amount of blade oil on the contact ride lines between the comb and cutter blades, and don't forget to put a drop or two of oil on the plastic blade guide.

I know that Groomers are all super hot...but that doesn't mean that your blades have to be....Andy

Surprise Visitor! June 28 2016

Hi everyone .

A beautiful new black and white kitty showed up recently. It gets along fine with Kitty Kitty, but is a bit shy. I think I need to bring it in for grooming because it looks kind of scruffy, and it smells a bit. Any volunteers???

Have a great day.....Andy


Certified Shark Fin Sharpener! June 03 2016

Hi everyone .

The good folks at the Shark Fin Shear Company have just certified us to perform warranty approved sharpening on their grooming shears!

Shark Fin Certified

I have sharpened quite a few Shark Fin shears in the past, and our customers have reported being very happy with the results, but it is great to know that the manufacturer of these extremely high quality shears has inspected my work and also been pleased.

(Essentially they dropped a pair of shears down an elevator shaft and then ran over them with a truck and I had to repair and sharpen the shears to their exacting standards. Ok, I may be embellishing slightly...but you get the idea).

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to own some of these beauties but have been mailing them off to far away places for sharpening , give us a try

Have a great day from your friendly neighbourhood sharpener....Andy.

Lots to do! May 09 2016

Hello looks like I've got my work cut out for me! When we pick up sharpening it goes into blue bins, and when I get it completed it gets transferred into green bins ('cause green means go). I love a big pile of blue bins but "happiness = green bins".


I am certainly doing my best to tackle the incoming stacks of blue bins so that I can get fully caught up before I get "drunk on a plane" and go "somewhere on a beach" in a couple of weeks (I love country's so relatable).

I hope you all have a good week in spite of the trying times that we are currently experiencing. Take care.....Andy

Happy Easter! March 27 2016

Feast your eyes on these yummy new Andis blades!

Happy Easter everyone .

Easter Andis Blades!

Give us a try! March 19 2016

Hi Groomers

Whew! I just finished conquering a massive mountain of blades for a brand new customer.

They wanted to try us out...and gave us 71 blades! Yikes! thanks for the trust, you won't be disappointed

Blade Pile

Blade Care February 28 2016

Hi Groomer's .

I'm working on (a seemingly never ending pile of) blades today, and it occurred to me that I sure seem to encounter a lot of blades that are corroded and pitted with rust. Sometimes the cutter and comb blades are actually rusted's probably no surprise that they don't perform well in that condition.

There are a number of quality blade coolants, cleaners and lubricants on the market, such as Andis Blade Care, Wahl Blade Ice or Oster Kool Lube, and these products can be used throughout your grooming day.

Blade Care


It is very important that your blades are put away clean and dry when you are done with them for the day. Try blowing out most of the accumulated hair with a high pressure dryer. Then move the cutter blade to one side of the blade and apply a drop or two of clipper blade oil to the "ride surfaces" on the comb blade. Move the cutter blade to the other side of the blade, and apply oil there as well. Then run the blade on your clipper for a few seconds to spread the oil. You can then put the blade away, and be confident that it should work well for you tomorrow .

Happy grooming everyone.....Andy.