How to refurbish the 5in1 blade January 26 2016

Howdy Groomers. I have noticed how popular the 5in1 blades are in the grooming world, and I can see why. When these blades are working well they work REALLY well, and are a pleasure to use. I've heard that some folks consider these blades to be somewhat disposable, but in reality these blades can usually be "brought back to life ".

One common issue with this blade is that if it is ever dropped, there is a high likelihood of breaking off one or more of the plastic retention tabs on the black backing of the blade. This part of the blade is called the chassis, and there are 3 plastic tabs that must be in place in order for the blade to secure to the clipper (see the photo). If you find that your 5in1 blade is missing tabs, and not staying on the clipper, it is not necessary to discard the blade. We can replace the chassis with a new unit for a fraction of the price of a new blade.

How to refurbish the 5in1 blade

Also, we can fully refurbish these blades by sharpening the comb blade and replacing the cutter blade. This brings the 5in1 blade back to "as new" condition. 

Take care everyone......Andy