Certified Shark Fin Sharpener! June 03 2016

Hi everyone .

The good folks at the Shark Fin Shear Company have just certified us to perform warranty approved sharpening on their grooming shears!

Shark Fin Certified

I have sharpened quite a few Shark Fin shears in the past, and our customers have reported being very happy with the results, but it is great to know that the manufacturer of these extremely high quality shears has inspected my work and also been pleased.

(Essentially they dropped a pair of shears down an elevator shaft and then ran over them with a truck and I had to repair and sharpen the shears to their exacting standards. Ok, I may be embellishing slightly...but you get the idea).

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to own some of these beauties but have been mailing them off to far away places for sharpening , give us a try

Have a great day from your friendly neighbourhood sharpener....Andy.