What are blade drives good for? February 02 2016

Hi Groomer's. What the heck are these things? If you answered "assorted blade drives for commonly available clippers", you are SUPER SMART. 

The fact is that blade drives are often an underappreciated and sometimes overlooked part of your clipper. Your clipper is only as good as the blade drive, and it can take a seemingly small amount of wear to prevent your clipper from working it's best.

Admittedly it is sometimes difficult to determine it cutting problems should be blamed on the blade or the clipper, but if you are starting to experience vibration and poor performance from many of your blades, the culprit is very likely the blade drive.

Assorted blade drives

(if I ever think I'm "losing my touch" when it comes to blade sharpening, I replace the blade drive tip on my Wahl's amazing the difference that is made to blade performance).

The good news is that blade drives are reasonably inexpensive. You can generally install them yourself without too much cursing, or we can certainly do it for you.

Take care....Andy.