Does it SING? July 16 2015

YES it does! 

If you don't know our wonderful sharpening tech, let me introduce you to Andy. When he's not being awesome at sharpening, he's being awesome at making us laugh.

Edmonton Pet Expo February 14 2015

Cutting Edge and PicAPoo was at the Edmonton Pet Expo at the end of January and we had a blast! 

PicAPoo was a huge hit at the show. Debbie has so much fun demo-ing this handy little tool, she has so much fun with it she really draws in the crowds.

We saw so many old friends, put faces to names and met some awesome new people too! 

We're looking forward to the next show and our trips up to Edmonton visiting all the shops in the mean time. 

We're live! July 26 2014

Hi everyone! Cutting Edge Grooming Supplies is up and going. We are adding product to the site daily so please email us with things you would like to see us selling on the site or with any special requests of items we have not added as of yet. Email us at or call us at 587-832-5515