About Us

Cutting Edge Grooming Supplies, located in Airdrie Alberta, is focused on your grooming supply needs. We carry what you need and are adding to our inventory daily. If you are looking for something we don't currently have in stock just let us know. We will make every effort to bring it in for you. Contact us at info@cuttingedgegroomingsupplies.com or call 587-830-5515.

Our mobile store is routed to both, make the most essential items available on the spot, and to deliver your online orders when possible at no cost. Our Mobile Store is also the perfect way to avoid shipping costs on bulk items. You can pick up your order,  see what’s new, or pick up any of those last minute items you may have forgotten in your online order. 

Non-bulk orders of $100 or more are always shipped free. If your order is under $100, or contains large, bulky or heavy items (like shampoo or a grooming table) just call us for the shipping cost before sending your order.